Yiquan Syllabus

Basic Exercises

Use mind, not strength (yong yi bu yong li).

- Holding cotton balls

- Inflating a ball

- Supporting the Sky

- Lifting the Sky
- Pressing the Earth
- Lifting the Sky & Pressing the Earth

- Pushing through current forward
- Pushing through current backward
- Pushing through waves

- Leg pulling a spring
- Leg pressing a spring
- Pumping with a leg
- Walking like a Crane

- Rolling a pencil

general points:head suspended from above, coccyx hanging down, whole body relaxed and soft, eyes open or closed (open for combat stances), mouth as if slightly open (but not quite), feeling calm and happy (see 'image' just below)

image:standing in (warm) water, swaying with it gently and slowly
eyes - see a beautiful garden, trees, flowers, ...
ears - hear birds singing
nose - smells flowers
skin - feels warmth of the sun and a touch of gentle breeze
body - feels floating like a cloud