Chen Taijiquan Syllabus

Pear-Flower Spear and White Ape Staff

1. Ye Cha (Night Ghost) Explores the Sea Bottom
2. Cutting Whole Circle
3. Middle Level Thrust
4. Three Swift Thrust
5. High Level Thrust
6. Swaying Pearl Beaded Curtain
7. Lower Level Thrust
8. Turn Around and Thrust
9. The Black Dragon Presents Claw
10. Step Forward with One Thrust
11. Sweep the Floor to Thrust
12. Side Block
13. Throw Two Forward Hits
14. Yellow Dragon Manipulates the Shaft
15. Down-to-Up Strike
16. Turn Around to Make One Half Circle
17. Blocking Thrust at Waist Level
18. Make One Half Circle
19. Spear Touches Ground Like a Snake
20. Suddenly Lift the Spear
21. Deliver a Thrust
22. Two Covering Thrusts
23. Wave Banner from Left Side
24. Thrusting Toward the Sky
25. Raise Flag to Sweep on Right Side
26. The Iron Ox Plows
27. Turn Around to Make One Half Circle
28. Thrust Like Dripping Water
29. Two Covering Thrusts
30. Mount Dragon and Deliver Rapid Thrust
31. Parting Grass to Look for Snake
32. The White Ape Drags Spear
33. The Black Dragon Returns to the Den
34. Taking Back the PiPa
35. Throw Two Forward Hits
36. Wield Banner to Sweep Ground
37. Mount Tai Crushes Egg
38. Turn Around to Make One Half Circle
39. Cat Catches Mouse
40. Thrust from the Left
41. Thrust from the Right
42. Turn Around to Deliver Thrust
43. Prop Up Heel
44. One Arm Thrust
45. Cutting Whole Circle
46. Second Son Carries the Mountain and Sweeping Thrust
47. Cut Half Circle
48. Lower Parting Thrust
49. Turn Around to Make Half Circle
50. Falcon Diving into Quail Flock
51. Sweeping Thrust from Left
52. Lifting Heel
53. One Thrust
54. Cutting Whole Circle
55. Second Son Carries the Mountain and Sweeping Thrust
56. Cut One Half Circle
57. Fair Lady Threads Needle
58. Jade Lady Works Shuttles
59. Assassination Thrust
60. Turn Around to Sweep Thrust
61. Cutting Whole Circle
62. Protect the Knees
63. Two Covering Thrusts
64. Black Dragon Sways Its Tail
65. Block Once Forward
66. Block Forward Again
67. Block from Left
68. Block from Right
69. Cut One Half Circle
70. Old Man Fishing
71. Turn Around to Deliver Thrust
72. Finish