Yiquan, Qigong and Chen Taiji residential weekend - 22-24 May 2020

with Karel & Eva Koskuba

Immerse yourself in the practice of Internal Arts for a long weekend.

There will be three groups:


Yiquan is an excellent internal martial art, quite similar to Taijiquan but much simpler. Its unique moli (sensing of strength) exercises are ideal for getting in touch with internal energy and internal power. Its shili (testing strength) and mocabu (friction step) exercises are the Yiquan equivalent of the Taijiquan form but being far simpler, enable students to incorporate the correct principles much earlier on.

The practice of Yiquan can dramatically speed up your Taijiquan progress. Students who attended past such retreats agree that at the end of the weekend you should be able to reach internal states that would take many years of Taijiquan practice to achieve.


Qigong is a special form of traditional Chinese soft exercises, which enable the participant's attention to be focused on all parts of the body. This kind of practice promotes cultivation of internal energy, creating harmony and balance between body and mind.

Chen Taijiquan

The main emphasis will be on using the Laojia form to improve the correct way of movement - building internal connections and promoting whole-body movement.

- It will be possible for participants to switch from one group to another at will. -

When:Friday evening 22 May till Sunday afternoon 24 May
Where:Carmelite Retreat Centre, Boars Hill, Oxon OX1 5HB
Cost: single room: £320/person if paid for in full by 1 May - £350 for payments thereafter
twin room:   £290/person if paid for in full by 1 May - £320 for payments thereafter
The fee includes accomodation, full-board and tuition.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below or contact CIAA directly.

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