The Chinese Internal Arts
issue 38 Autumn 2003
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CIA residential weekend

Despite gruelling practice through the hottest day on record, everyone looks refreshed, relaxed and happy at the conclusion of our 2003 Summer Qigong weekend retreat.

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* The summer Qigong Retreat
* Tiquan & Qigong Retreat
* Beijing 2003

The summer Qigong Retreat in Fawley Court
(as featured on BBC1)

Eva is passing her happy qi to Anthea

The joys of Tai Hui

Kevin desperately running from the creature from the Black Lagoon

In August we held our annual weekend retreat for the students of our Qigong and Taijiquan three year courses (both 'undergraduate' and 'postgraduate'). Our usual venue, Epsom College, was not available but Eva managed to find an even better place in Fawley Court, Henley (the Marian Fathers Retreat Centre) - we shall be visiting it more often.

This year we have made a break with our long tradition of secrecy and seclusion and allowed cameras in to film our training. TV presenter Anthea Turner came to experience the retreat and a summary of how she coped was broadcast on BBC1 - Heaven and Earth Show in early September (and very nice it was, too). There was further information on the BBC website (in the Heaven and Earth Show archives) but the content of the last nine months have gone so maybe it will reappear later on again.

Yiquan & Qigong Retreat in Bournemouth

In September we held another of the Yiquan and Qigong weekend retreats in sunny Bournemouth. Even though Yiquan is a (fierce!) martial art, the beginning stages are quite similar to Qigong training and not everyone is clear about the distinction between the two. A couple of pictures from the weekend event should help you to differentiate between the two. On the left you see a Yiquan session in full swing and on the right you can see a Qigong session. You can't see, but you can imagine, the rivulets of sweat pouring down from the Qigong people and then contrast it with the calm and depth of relaxation on the Yiquan picture.

Beijing 2003

We spent most of October training in Beijing - here are some pictures that convey our exhausting regime.


Eva has progressed sufficiently to make Master Du put her in charge of his students...

... but she starts abusing them straight away

Master Du pleads with her ...

but she doesn't stop

and when Master Du points a finger at her...

... she starts abusing him, too!

... and keeps at it despite Du's age (85 years)
(students stand by in shock, not daring to intervene)

Master Du eventually regains the upper hand ...

... and so it's back to basics


Training ...

... day ...

... evening ...

... and the dedicated few even at night

sitting Zhan Zhuang