The Chinese Internal Arts
issue 31 Spring 2001
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Small but perfectly formed…

… the Qigong class of 2001-2004

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* Hanover Pushing Hands

Saying of the month:
One Joy Dispels a Hundred Cares.
[Chinese Wisdom]

Hanover Pushing Hands

In February we attended the first International Hanover Pushing Hands meeting, which was hosted by Nils Klug. As meetings go, it was quite long - full week with a weekend either side - but it was well attended and not only from Germany - there were participants from Great Britain, France, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and perhaps from some other countries, too.

The atmosphere was very friendly and the programme varied. There were several workshops each morning and each afternoon there was a general free-format pushing hands session where students and teachers freely mixed and everyone was able to experience different approaches to Pushing Hands.

Due to its success, Nils plan to hold the meeting again next year, and perhaps annually after then.